Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Sensors

Piezoelectric sensors are low cost, rugged devices that are easy to drive. They are resonant devices and are available in several frequencies, depending on application. The lower frequency devices (40KHz) are low cost and can range longer distances than the higher frequency devices. Higher frequency devices (200KHz and 125KHz) have limited range but are more precise and exhibit higher immunity to ultrasonic noise. Common applications include back-up warning sensors in automobiles, tank level and proximity sensing in dirty, dusty or wet environments.

piezoelectric sensors

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Sensors

Application Notes:

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pdf Piezo Driver Drawing

series 9000 sensor Series 9000 Ultrasonic Sensors

SensComp's Series 9000 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic sensor is specifically intended for operation in air at ultrasonic frequencies.
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smt 9000 ranging module SMT 9000 Ultrasonic Ranging Module

SensComp's 9000 Series Ultrasonic Ranging Module provides the drive electronics for SensComp's 9000 Series Sensor.
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k series ultrasonic sensors K Series Ultrasonic Sensors

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l series sensors L Series Ultrasonic Sensors

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series 9000 oem kit Series 9000 OEM Ultrasonic Sensor Kit

SensComp's Series 9000 OEM Ultrasonic Sensor Kit provide the Sensors and Drive Electronics for prototype development using our popular Series 9000 Piezoelectric Sensor.
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piezo evaluation kits Piezo Evaluation Kits

SensComp's Piezoelectric Sensor Evaluation Kits provide the sensors for prototype development.
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