Series 600 & 7000 OEM Ultrasonic Sensor Kits


The OEM Ultrasonic Sensor Kit is a great building block for prototypes. It contains all of the front end drive electronics necessary to create a ranging system Included in the package are two Sensors: either Series 600 (Instrument Grade, Environmental Grade, or Open Face) or Series 7000. Also included are two SMT 6500 Ranging Modules, wires, connectors and technical information. The output from the kit is a TTL level signal going from low to high when an echo is received. To get distance information, the user measures the elapsed time between the start of transmit signal and the echo received signal. Knowing the speed of sound in air this time measurement can be converted into a distance measurement.

For a complete ranging system, in addition to the 6500 sonar ranging module, the user must supply the electronics to perform the input triggering, the trigger-to-echo time measurement, and the display functions for the system. Lines which may occasionally appear in foil have no effect on product functionality or performance.



Level Measurement, Proximity Detection, Presence Detection, Robotics, Educational Products

Series 600 & 7000 OEM Kit

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