Series 7000 Ultrasonic Sensors

SensComp's Series 7000 Ultrasonic Sensor is specifically intended for operation in air at ultrasonic frequencies. The assembly comes complete with a perforated protective cover.

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Series 7000 Ultrasonic Sensor


The Series 7000 ultra sensitive ultrasonic sensors feature ranging capability from 2.5 cm to 15.2 m when used with SensComp drive electronics. They are ideally suited for demanding applications where the most sensitivity possible is the highest priority. These ultrasonic sensors are among the best available when detecting soft or small targets. Lines which may occasionally appear in foil have no effect on product functionality or performance.


  • 50kHz Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Beam Angle of 17° at -3 dB
  • Ranges from 6" to 35'
  • Excellent Receive Sensitivity
  • Perforated Plastic Protective Cover.
  • Specifically Intended for Operation in Air at Ultrasonic Frequencies


Level Measurement, Proximity Detection, Presence Detection, Robotics, Educational Products

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